Groole bistro, opened in October last year in Nowy Świat Street, is a continuation of the brand that has existed and enjoyed great popularity for several years now. It is also a model place for new locations for the brand has decided to become a franchise company now.

The character of the work on this design was connected not only with architecture but also, and to a great extent, with marketing. The scope of our work involved:

– analyzing the brand and its current locations (with the differences between them),

– selecting the characteristic elements from the current image and designing new ones, congruent with the brand’s philosophy and its colours,

– refreshing the image, foregrounding the strong sides of the brand and highlighting the new products (the sale of potato vodka has been introduced),

– designing a brand book/a handbook for franchise partners, establishing the values and the guidelines that are to be followed in each newly opened location,

– and creating a friendly place with a new form and formula and a fresh character where one can not only have a fast meal but also sit down and enjoy a drink with friends.

The new interior design is warm and cosy, dominated by wood and salmon colour taken from the logo and the visual identification of the brand. The atmosphere is enhanced by the lighting and by comfortable loges, which, alongside the bar stools in the window, spice up the central space filled with tables and chairs.

The leitmotif of the interior are boxes painted in the colours of GROOLE, in a variety of configurations – in the role of the suspended ceiling, as a highlighted spatial installation on the wall, and, in a more processed form, as the kitchen pass front. The boxes have become an impressive and inseparable element of the whole interior, which is also a simple spatial idea contributing to the unique character of the place.

The heart of the place is the original potato container, designed especially for this occasion. The bistro employees use it several times every day, creating a unique show which lets the guests observe the process of preparing their meals in detail.