Address: Postępu Street 14, Warsaw

Foundation date: 2017

Surface: 160m2

Scope of the work:
-interior design
-fitted furniture design: bar counter installation, sofas, armchairs, fireplace, tables

Bocca Bar is a piece of New York in Warsaw! Among the office blocks in the previously soulless Warsaw “Mordor” (a concentration of corporation offices), a restaurant has emerged with its exquisite food, original cocktails, and cosy interior – just perfect to soothe frayed nerves.

We had the pleasure to be a part of the success of this place by designing its interior. Our task was to create a space that would counter the corporate character of its immediate surroundings. A place that would be an escape for stressed busy bees and a pleasant corner where one can slow down after the entire day filled with office duties. An elegant yet unpretentious place, alluding to traditional English and American pubs and complemented with a note of modernity and nonchalance. Class and style that will not build barriers. Good quality materials that make and impression of being slightly worn-out. A fireplace, comfy armchairs, and a spectacular lamp as the heart of the space. All these elements combined together create a scenery evoking warm associations and building a cosy atmosphere.

Another thing worth attention is the long bar counter, smoothly evolving into the table top near the open kitchen: this is the interaction site where one may watch their meal being created, establish contact with the cooks, and soak the positive atmosphere of the whole place.

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