Everything you need to make your brand remembered and recognizable.

We design things in a complex manner, in 360 degrees, enriching our designs with extra 10 degrees – an added value ensuring the uniqueness of each enterprise. Thanks to individually chosen solutions, each project is tailor-made.

We specialize in SPACE BRANDING, an approach to designing space which is new in our market. It assumes simultaneous and multidimensional design activities aiming at maximum integration of the interior with visual identification,

Write to us! We will adjust our offer to your individual needs.


It is a coherent set of complementary elements which make up a comprehensive image of a company. It is the basic communication tool between the Company and the Customer. Its vital element is the logotype, whose form and character present the company’s values and goals.
The process of creating the company’s image includes several phases. The final product that you receive is a coherent and distinctive image of your company, based on the following identity elements:

  • Logo
  • Business cards
  • Letterhead paper
  • Letterhead portfolio
  • Document petterns, presentation templates
  • Designs of advertisements, posters, leaflets, brochures, advertising banners and other printed materials
  • Website project
  • Extra image materials chosen individually


Our team is composed of many talented artists. In our works we use a variety of graphic techniques, both manual and electronic. Our works often complete current realizations, such as: a book cover, a press advertisement, an interior design, an advertisement catalogue, an website and many more.

  • Magazin, book, CD covers
  • Posters
  • Adevertisment and ocasional ilustrations
  • Packaging

3. INTERIOR DESIGNprzycisk wnetrza

We create it for both commercial and individual Customers. We realize projects of shops, restaurants, expositions, detached houses, suites and venues of outdoor events. We begin work on each project with a non-committal meeting during which we establish the convention of the interior as well as the Customer’s individual needs. We divide the project process into the following phases:

  • concept
  • interior design
  • working drawings
  • interior stylization

On our Customers’ request we also take responsibility for the realization of projects that we have prepared. We adjust its scope and schedule individually to your needs and expectations.


The most comprehensive of our propositions. It is addressed above all to the Customers from the cultural sector as well as to commercial Customers interested in interior design its promotion.

Space Branding is a new approach to space design on our market. It involves simultaneous and multilayered designing activities which result in a comprehensive realization both of the interior and of its advertising materials, translating into a coherent image of the investment and into profits.

Key advantages of choosing this service:

  • absolute coherence of the concept at every stage of creating the brand
  • one single team which is responsible for designing and realizing all elements of the project
  • possibility of long-term graphic service

We divide the project process into three basic phases:
It defines the values and the goals of the project and it indicates the best tools of its realization. The final result is a document based on an analysis prepared by specialists of various domains, pointing at the necessary actions in the spatial and the image fields in order to evoke the expected emotions in the project’s audience. The scenario allows to efficiently proceed to the designing phase.
Realized based on propositions and schemes of action worked out in the scenario. In order to ensure our Customers’ comfort and to work out satisfying solutions, we divide it into three phases: concept, design and execution. As a result, our Customer is provided with
a comprehensive package of materials, based on which they may proceed to carry our the investment.
The visual identity project assumes supplementing an interior design with a visual component. What is designed are brand elements such as: logo, business cards, all graphic and promotional materials (both printed and to be published on-line), as well as those connected with individual needs of a specific project, like e.g. wrappings, covers, gadgets etc.
Graphic projects are created based on a key visual, worked out win the scenario, which guarantees coherence of all the elements regardless of their scale.