What makes our interiors so special? We care for our designs to be a result of an exchange of thoughts, experience and observations within the triangle Investor – Designer – Manager. We believe that it is a close collaboration of different sides that enables the creation of a place with a soul that will generate income and will be a friendly work environment.

Our designs are multi-dimensional and combine technical, artistic, and marketing competences to create the kind of space that is not easily forgotten. We know that the Guest’s experience is made up of a number of elements and thus we combine the interior design with the image strategy as well as the visual identity, which results in a complete coherence of the brand’s image. We call it Space Branding.

We translate this philosophy into each design: dining establishments, hotels as well as broadly understood commercial spaces.

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We specialize in designs for the Hospitality sector (particularly HoReCa). The meaning of the word HOSPITALITY itself forms the basis of the business. A hotel is not reduced to an overnight stay, and a restaurant is not merely food. These places are ecosystems of relationship between the space – perceived by each sense – the offer, and the people. We acknowledge the value of creating a coherent entity; this is why we care for various aspects of building the strategy of each place: from the general concept up to the smallest details. Our goal is to build the Guest’s unforgettable experience, which guarantees a marketing and financial success. We invite you to get acquainted with our offer including dining establishment, hotel, and spa designs.

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