drink bar

Address: Biała Podlaska Bieńkowskiego 4/2, 21-500

Foundation date: 2020

Surface: 150sqm

Scope of the work:
- interior design
-coordination of designers
-custom-made furniture design: bar furniture, boxes, tables, waiters' assistants,
decorative-storage shelves

Photographs : courtesy of the investor

Dla Przyjaciół Diana had a great kitchen and a recognizable brand. However, the interior design left much to be desired. That’s why a local Investor approached us to change the look of the place so that it would stand out not only for its great food and service but also for its good design.

First, a local vision and audit were carried out. All elements requiring changes were listed, as well as those to be retained. The restaurant had a mix of diverse elements, chairs, and details that, when combined, created a sense of chaos.

On the floor, there were gray office tiles, and the bar consisted of various height structures placed together. Therefore, our proposals primarily included guidelines for replacing and organizing these random elements and introducing a consistent stylistic key.

As a result, an interior with a honey-green color scheme was created, featuring comfortable seating and sofas. To achieve coherence and harmony, the floor was replaced with terracotta tiles with areas of black and white tiles. We also introduced new chairs, greenery, and carefully selected lighting to create an intimate atmosphere conducive to longer gatherings. The bar received new coverings, and the walls featured colorful accents in the form of rounded panels and circles. The ceiling and installations were painted in a single color, which contributed to the stylistic integration of the interior.

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