Mercer Fashion

a tailoring clothing store

Address: Nowogrodzka Street 42, Warsaw

Foundation date: 2012

Surface: 120m2

Scope of the work:
-interior design
-fitted furniture design: display shelves, the counter
-window display arrangement design
-visual identity: logotype, business cards, pattern book, gift cards, elevation sign board, window advertisement panels, selection of images and prints decorating the interior

We have been bound with the Mercer brand since its creation.
A historic tenement house, modern interior, stylish suits – to put this interior design in a nutshell. Situated in a corner, difficult to arrange – our task was to turn this demanding space into an elegant and friendly store, which was possible thanks to the appropriate lighting, colours, and funny accessories. In addition to that, we were responsible for creating the brand’s visual identity, and the frosting on the cake was designing the window displays – the combination of modern elements with antiquities and elegant outfits just cannot be unnoticed.  Our design was appreciated in the finale of the Foorni competition for the best realization.

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