Mercer Fashion Poznan

a tailoring clothing store

Address: Kantaka Street 1, Poznań

Foundation date: 2014

Surface: 210m2

Scope of the work:
– interior design
– fitted furniture design: display shelves, the counter
– window display arrangement design
– visual identity: logotype, business cards, pattern book, gift cards, elevation sign board, window advertisement panels, selection of images and prints decorating the interior

Following the success of the store in Warsaw, the Mercer Fashion brand owned decided to open a tailor made clothing store in the heart of Poznań. Located in an old tenement house near the Old Town, the boutique attracts attention with its large window displays and its interior in a minimalist classical style. The assumption of the project was to design the interior in a style slightly different than the one realized in the capital city, while keeping it consistent with the brand’s convention. The first place was rather modern, whereas the store in Poznań was supposed to be more deeply rooted in the classic style. Consequently, the colours are far warmer: chestnut furniture, brown tartan wallpaper, top hat lighting, and prints showing the clothing of a British gentleman. The whole place is complemented with the already recognizable elements of the store in Warsaw: copper suspension lamps and original Singer sewing machines. As a result, the image of this place is coherent with the whole brand, with a subtle twist adapting it to the local market.

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