cocktail bar

Address: Katowice, Wojewódzka 21, 40-026

Foundation date: 2023

Surface: 150sqm

Scope of the work:
- Interior design
- Industry coordination
- Custom furniture design: bar installations, lodges, tables, decorative-storage shelves

Photographs : Thanks to the courtesy of the Investor

ToyStore is one of the most unconventional and original projects we’ve had the pleasure of designing recently. Investors presented us with the task of creating a uniquely conceptualized cocktail bar on the map of Katowice, following the speakeasy convention. Mysterious, intriguing, and surprising – that was the goal. An unusual challenge, but one we enjoy the most!

Together with the investors – because that’s how the best collaboration looks – we created a concept that is a journey to the farthest corners of our imagination. Each room is distinct and extraordinary due to the mix of materials, colors, and the contributing lighting. The whole experience is a bit like a journey through different circles of initiation, which the guest progressively discovers and explores. ToyStore is a place that Katowice has never seen before. A true speakeasy cocktail bar, entered through what appears to be an inconspicuous toy store. Only the initiated know that the shelf inside the store is mobile and transforms from a door into another, mysterious world. We hope that (not only) the frequenters of Katowice will appreciate this place, which is entirely different from its external appearance.

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