Address: Towarowa 14, Kołobrzeg

Foundation date: 2022

Surface: 400sqm

Scope of the work:
- interior design
- industry project coordination
- custom-made furniture design: bar furniture, lounges, tables, decorative and storage shelves

Custom-made elements: InModern

Photographs : Aleksandra Miszkurka

Our task consisted in designing a place serving Spanish cuisine at one of the main streets of Kołobrzeg, leading to the sea. The Investors wanted this place to attract guests both during the summer holiday and off the season with its food quality and its design. They were dreaming of a restaurant with its own character, which would reflect their experiences gathered when they lived in Spain. The idea was to make the place egalitarian but also elegant so that the guests can feel at ease. The kitchen was supposed to be open, well visible but also separated from the main room so as to prevent all the aromas from getting there.
When we started our work, the whole place was shell and core. Its front part was located slightly higher, and the resulting difference could be seen as both a restriction and a challenge, which would bring a unique spatial effect. Moreover, the Investor insisted on including a large mezzanine, which was another huge challenge. It also required us to work in close coordination with the construction and ventilation engineer. Eventually, all these issues have been solved.

As a result, a diversified space was created, divided into cozy zones that guests are so fond of. Alongside the whole window, the floor is at ground level. Then we take three steps down to find ourselves on the lower level, separated from the first one with several comfy loges with high backseats. The restaurant is divided into two parts with stairs, framed with floor to ceiling wine shelves. Dominating the whole place, they are its most characteristic element.

The bar, situated on the ground floor, under the mezzanine, was covered with rusted metal sheet, which was specially etched for this design. Its ceiling was tiled with mirrors and illuminated by light bulbs mounted at the mezzanine.

The stairs described above lead to the mezzanine, whose character is more intimate thanks to its height, the wooden wainscoting and the loges at the walls. Due to the limited daylight, it is more atmospheric here, this effect being enhanced by the cozy and warm lighting.

On the walls and floors in Fuego there is a layer of facing that was specially selected and custom made. For instance, the decoration of the wall will bull skulls consists of three kinds of red tiles. They have different shades of red and they were arranged strictly according to our design.

These elements made very precisely on the basis of our designs, alongside other intricate details make up the special character and unique atmosphere of this place.

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