la vanille

selling point for the cupcake shop

Address: Złote Tarasy Shopping Centre, Złota Street 59, Warsaw

Foundation date: 2012

Surface: 25m2

Scope of the work:
-concept of improving the brand’s image
-designing the new sales format (a store-within-a-store in a shopping centre)
-designing the shop-in-shop in a shopping centre together with its complete fitted installation

Our task consisted in designing sales stands for the pastry chain La Vanille specializing in cupcake production. The stand was supposed to mirror the boutique character of the brand, to correspond with the flagship store in the corner of Wilcza Street and Krucza Street in Warsaw, and to create an atmosphere of availability. Spatial advertising panels accentuated with oozing warm light, the open-work text going around the stand and tabletop lamps are the characteristic elements that counter the minimalist form of this store-within-a-store. White colour combines the elegance of the brand and marvelous displaying qualities – against such background, all these fancily decorated cupcakes look like tiny works of art.

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