Chocolate lounge WEDEL


Address: location for the purposes of preparing the concept

Foundation date: 2013 (competition entry)

Surface: 160m2

Scope of the work:
-guidelines for the new, rejuvenated image of the Wedel brand chocolate bar
-interior design
-wall print design (collage depicting the history of the Wedel brand)

We prepared the chocolate bar interior design for the competition organized by FOORNI for Wedel in search of an idea for refreshing the brand. The project brief assumed the designing of a two-part café with a counter, a display space for products, and a separate space for longer meetings. What we decided to do was create an elegant interior, which would combine tradition with modernity thanks to the selection of materials and to stylistic references. White rectangular tiles are associated with the chocolate factory, whereas the combination of various wood types creates a cosy and warm atmosphere complemented with specially selected lighthing.

Wedel’s place cannot be only a Bar, only a Factory, or only a Store. It is the combination of the three functions that provides its unique and admirable character.
The heart of the other room is the large print-collage depicting the history of the Wedel company, symbolically taking us from the earliest times to the present day.

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