Address: Chmielna Street 30, Warsaw

Foundation date: 2015

Surface: 40m2

Scope of the work:
-interior design
-fitted furniture design: display shelves with lighting, decorative display shelf, desk with legs made of a Singer sewing machine, brand wall, display niches, using brand identity materials to create unique wallpaper

In spring 2015, we had the pleasure of designing the Loake lounge which has been the first in Poland and the seventh in the world. The manufacture, founded in the year 1880 in Ketterin (England), produces exclusive leather shoes and since 2007 it has been selling its products to the Royal Family. The interior of the boutique was supposed to mirror the spirit of the brand, whose specialty is timeless elegance, whose trademark is good taste, the whole being completed with the ethos of the British gentleman.

The showroom colours allude to the brand’s ones: dignified green and subtle gold.

The heart of the lounge is the brand wall showing the flaghship Loake shoe models levitating in illuminated niches.

The wallpaper covering the interior of the niches was custom made and its pattern is not accidental: it is identical with that inside Loake shoe boxes.

The characteristic Loake brand pattern was also put on the walls.

All the furniture was custom made. We designed also the desk, whose top, resting on original legs of a Singer sewing machine, is connected with a wall niche displaying shoe maintenance accessories.

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