unique gastronomic concepts under one roof

Address: Pomorze, Polska

Foundation date: Projekt w realizacji

Surface: 3500m2

Scope of the work:
- general concept and zoning
- spatial development + disposition of tenants
- the stylistic concept of the entire foodhall
- gastronomic concepts
- execution projects

Photographs : Wizualizacje

The Foodhall project in Pomerania is inspired by the best examples of European market halls. The entire design draws from the maritime climate and rusty ship hulls, creating a unique and distinctive interior. The facility is planned on the ground floor of a massive hotel, offering convenient access for both hotel guests and those coming from the city.

The Foodhall will occupy an impressive area of 3,500 square meters. It will feature approximately 40 different concepts, including booths, full-size restaurants, as well as food trucks and small specialized points focused on a single product.

The entire investment is divided into three stages, which will be successively implemented and then merged into a diverse organism. Our scope includes the functional layout of the entire space, including the arrangement of individual restaurants and defining spaces for guests and service areas. It is also our responsibility to come up with all the concepts and give them individual character while maintaining the coherence of the entire venture.

The first stage of implementation will include a five-star restaurant specializing in seafood. This high-standard establishment will provide exceptional culinary experiences for discerning guests and also serve as a hotel restaurant.

In the second stage, there will be a tall, eight-meter space with a unique central bar surrounded by a 3D screen featuring original animations and projections.

An autonomous part of the food hall will be an event hall, accessed through scenographically designed entrance reminiscent of old cinemas from the 1940s and 1950s.

The overall project aims to create a unique place where guests can enjoy not only excellent dishes but also an unparalleled atmosphere. The Foodhall in Pomerania will be an ideal place for culinary enthusiasts who want to discover the flavors of the sea in an elegant and modern setting.

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