Address: Plac Konesera 2 Warsaw

Foundation date: 2019

Surface: 600sqm

Scope of the work:
- interior design
- construction project
- industry coordination
- custom-made furniture design: bar furniture, boxes, tables, decorative and storage shelves
- summer garden design

Photographs : Aleksandra Miszkurka

Syreni Śpiew in Praga Koneser Centre is a reincarnation of a cult club created by Grupa Warszawa in the Warsaw district of Powiśle.
The refurbished club made a comeback in a historical complex of buildings in the former factory of Koneser Vodka in Warsaw’s Praga.

The renovated historical building that now hosts the club used to be a spirit warehouse.
Under the supervision and in concert with the art restorer, as well as in close cooperation with the Investor, we changed the warehouse space into a three-storey club with a restaurant and
a stage on the ground floor. On each storey, there is a bar, whose style evokes images of clubs and revue shoes in pre-war Warsaw.
Raw, industrial walls were enriched with original elements, formerly the factory equipment elements like lamps or a winding staircase.
The interior is warmed up with soft, velour sofas and settees, whereas the chairs and armchairs are the highlights of Polish design from the recent 50 years.

If you have not been to Syreni Śpiew yet, do not fail to check one of their crazy parties.

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