Address: Towarowa 14, Kołobrzeg

Foundation date: 2020

Surface: 300sqm

Scope of the work:
- interior design
- construction project
- industry coordination
- custom-made furniture design: bar furniture, lounges, tables, decorative and storage shelves

Custom-made elements: InModern

Photographs : Joanna Marchewka

Mamma is an excellent Italian family restaurant situated near the main walking route leading from the centre of Kołobrzeg to the seashore. The big and bright place is located on the upper ground floor with two bars: one serves drinks and at the other one you can sit and see how delicious pizza is prepared and baked.
The heart of the place is the bar in front of the entrance, with its imposing overhanging shelves with liquor bottles. Illuminated bottles, arranged on the shelving, make a colourful pattern that attracts the visitors, especially in the evenings. The bar front was designed and made out of little juxtaposed triangular boards that create a 3D motif, additionally emphasized by the illumination hidden below the marble top.
At the centre, there are loges, surrounded by decorative shelving with suspended ropes, subtly referring to the marine character of the city.
The different zones of the place are indicated with the floor. The passageways were made of grey micro concrete, whereas around the bar, under the loges and in the mezzanine there are white tiles with geometric motifs, introducing some controlled chaos to the place.
On the walls, there are black tiles, highlighting the intense colours of the bar, and contrasting with the white tops. On the posts, there are olive enameled tiles, whose colour corresponds with the plants suspended to welded trusses under the ceiling. To the right and to the left of the entrance, murals were painted showing the patroness of the place.

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