Address: Mickiewicza Street 19, Warsaw

Foundation date: 2017

Surface: 50m2

Scope of the work:
-interior design
-preparing guidelines for the whole chain (turning the brand into a franchise)
-re-arranging the existing furniture for the purposes of the new place: designing the bar counter installation, upholstered loges, tables

In 2010, the already legendary Tel Aviv restaurant in Poznańska Street in Warsaw was blazing a trail on the vegetarian map of Warsaw by serving Israeli cuisine dishes. On 1st March 2017, the first chain restaurant saw daylight. We had the pleasure to design it together with Michał Kempiński.

The restaurant brings to mind memories from a journey to Israel – warm evenings on boulevards as well as strolls in Jaffa’s Old City nooks until morning. The interiors offer an open, relaxed atmosphere, referring to the Middle Eastern hospitality, yet without directly quoting any elements of traditional constructions or architecture.

The key element of the interior is the wall finished with clay plaster, whose shade of colour and texture reflect the Middle Eastern landscape. The formula of the plaster was prepared specially for the purposes of this project. The abstract space provides for a place for a low relief on the wall – a hamsa. The backlighted installation is a paraphrase of the Middle Eastern symbol protecting from the evil. The hand is depicted in a modern version, with “tattoed” slogans and popculture icons.

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