Address: Koszykowa 53

Foundation date: 2021

Surface: 185sqm

Scope of the work:
- interior design
-construction and installation project
-coordination of designers
-custom-made furniture design: bar furniture, boxes, tables, waiters' assistants,
decorative-storage shelves

Photographs : Aleksandra Miszkurka

Zachodni Brzeg – Koszyki is the second location of a popular venue for which we designed the project in Powiśle. In Hala Koszyki, the challenge was to transfer the atmosphere and details from the first restaurant while fitting into the context and conservation requirements of the historic space. Hence, there is a greater rawness to the interior, with exposed large surfaces of brick walls that needed to remain visible.

Zachodni Brzeg is a place serving Middle Eastern cuisine. The name has a dual meaning, referring both to the western bank of the Vistula River (where the first bistro is located – the local dimension) and to the western bank of the Jordan River (from which the main culinary inspirations are drawn – the global dimension).

The interior is strongly inspired by the world of the Middle East, with particular emphasis on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict zone. However, the message conveyed through it is meant to be peaceful and filled with hope for a better tomorrow.

In the new venue, original graphics and murals were indispensable on the walls, created specifically for this location. We have portraits of women of different races, and in the small room facing Koszykowa Street – which may come as a surprise – a portrait of Bridget Bardot. The room with the mural of this famous French actress has a somewhat autonomous character. Its decor, with white walls, historic flooring, and wooden frames with hazy photographs, may evoke the ambiance of vacation spots on the French Riviera, which is very dear to the venue owners.

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