Bierhalle Wilanów


Address: Klimczaka Street 1, Royal Wilanów, Warsaw

Foundation date: 2015

Surface: 300m2

Scope of the work:
-interior design
-fitted furniture design: bar counter installation, upholstered loges, decorative shelf made of lighted bottles, wine rack, shelf with souvenirs, display stand with takeaway wines, steel display racks, copper wall panel design for the VIP lounge
-visual identity: menu design, interior neons, beer mats, leaflets, tabletop banner stands, event invitations, selection of photographs and images for interior design

Bierhalle Wilanów is a prestigious location (Royal Wilanów complex), which means higher standards. It has been the first premises realized from scratch according to the new image guidelines for the brand as worked out the previous year by our studio (when doing the audit and lifting in CH Arkadia Bierhalle restaurant).

The point of departure for the interior design in Wilanów were the characteristic colours used by Bierhalle since it has functioned, that is deep red and black, which has been recently introduced to complement the red colour.

A great challenge connected with this very location was a huge number of glass window displays – the restaurant being surrounded with them from three sides. We managed to turn this situation into an advantage, which resulted in the creation of three diversified zones, each of them attracting the passers-by in a different way. What connects individual parts of the premises is the leitmotif: copper in a variety of forms. It refers to elements of vats in which beer is made and which are the heart of the place, exposed in the southern part of the restaurant. From the side of the yard, a spectacular wall made of copper scales decorating the separate VIP room shines from a distance, whereas the eastern elevation is actually the long bar with a copper back.

Despite the modern attitude and elegant accessories, the interior has retained its cosy character, complemented with artisanal accents.

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