Wyspa Północ


Address: Chmielna Street 3/9, Gdańsk

Foundation date: 2020

Surface: 120sqm

Scope of the work:
- interior design
- fitted furniture
- materials, textures, wall cladding, selection
of decorative elements
- multi-disciplinary coordination
- branding and graphic design

Photographs : Aleksandra Miszkurka

Wyspa Północ is situated on Granary Island, opposite the Long Bridge, and its windows offer a splendid view of the main walking route in Danzig as well as its finest monuments: the Crane and Gothic tenement houses. Its interior design and atmosphere refer to the more than 400-year-long history of the island, which used to be a storing place for goods from all over the world, as well as a place of intense trading exchange that contributed to the greatness of Hanseatic Danzig.

The heart of the restaurant is the bar, decorated with custom made, slightly curved tiles with an up-to-down gradient. The tiles contrast with the white top made of Corian. The drinks made by the barman wait for the guests on the freezing table top, thanks to which they are always cool.
Above the bar, there are a bottle shelf and a arc-shaped glass rack, which complement the form of the whole bar.

On the floor, there are light terrazzo tiles, combined with herringbone brick tiles that were also used to create the pattern on the walls. Slightly higher, we used white panel wainscoting decorated with small brown old-fashioned ornaments.

The bright elements of the interior like the wainscoting and the floors, were contrasted with the dark blue ceiling, under which marine lights and wooden fans hang.

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