In the old town

Address: LUBLIN

Foundation date: 2022

Surface: 40m2

Scope of the work:
- design of a model apartment
- custom-made furniture design
- selection of furniture and ready-made elements
- selection of accessories and claddings

The design of the apartment hotel in Lublin is a blend of luxury, high standards, and the historical charm of an old tenement building. With 4 floors steeped in history and secrets, the space is adorned with gleaming wooden handrails, dusty mosaics, and tiled stoves. Velvet sofas, subdued lighting… Can you hear the piano playing in the background?

Designing the apartments in a hotel located in an old tenement building in the heart of Lublin required balancing modernity with history. The location and character of the property demanded skillful integration into the old fabric while creating a cozy atmosphere. We opted for a well-proven classic approach.

Our design is a perfect example of classical finishing that draws inspiration from historical patterns. High ornamental moldings may evoke associations with 19th-century Parisian tenement buildings. The interiors feature a subdued color palette with bold color accents, creating an elegant and tranquil atmosphere. All furniture has been carefully selected, blending modern designer pieces with classic furniture and decorations from the 1960s and 1970s, adding a unique character to the rooms. Given that we are dealing with a historic building dating back to the 18th century, we decided to expose the historical brick, lending the interior an even more authentic and individual character.

Each apartment has been meticulously designed to provide the highest level of comfort and convenience. The spacious rooms are arranged to make guests feel at home while enjoying luxury and elegance. Comfortable beds, beautiful textiles, and high-quality amenities are standard in each apartment.

References to history are visible not only in the decor but also in the atmosphere of the place. The old tenement building transports guests back in time, providing unforgettable experiences during their stay. Restored and preserved historical elements add charm and uniqueness to the interiors.

Designing hotel apartments is about creating a friendly and inviting space, but above all, it’s about functionality. That’s why comfortable sofas and chairs, large mirrors to enlarge and brighten the space, and fully equipped kitchenettes and bathrooms have been incorporated into the interior. The combination of navy blue with light furniture upholstery, large paintings, and patterned wallpapers creates a sense of harmony and discreet Parisian elegance.

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