Address: Panewnicka 224 Katowice

Foundation date: 2021

Surface: 300sqm2

Scope of the work:
- conceptual and execution phase
- custom made elements design
( furniture, wall decoration, bar)
- selection of cladding and ready-made elements

Photographs : Aleksandra Miszkurka

Our goal was to create a new concept of a family place managed by the owners of a local network of bakeries “Borys”. The restaurant being situated outside the city centre, in the quality residential area of Katowice, the owners wished to create a destination place that will attract guests with excellent cuisine and unique design. On the one hand, it will be elegant and warm, on the other hand – noble and egalitarian.
The restaurant is located in a building that has been developed over a dozen years, whence its very irregular shape and division into three rooms. When we were beginning the work on this project, one of the rooms was still being constructed, and the functional disposition of the remaining two was completely different. The kitchen was too small and it was separated from the dining hall, and the interior was decorated with materials that felt cold.
We designed a restaurant with an open kitchen and an extraordinary long cocktail bar. Each room was given an individual character and atmosphere, but all of them have something in common. It is the materials: wood, brass, and greenish elements that complement them. In the whole place, there are custom made wine racks, upholstered loges, and tables.

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