Address: Bolesławiec, Limanowa, Drezdenko, Puławy, Bochnia, Tarnów

Foundation date: 2017-2019

Surface: 100m2

Scope of the work:
- interior design
- concept of the place (co-creation)
- interior design
- designing the fitted furniture:
- designing the summer garden

Photographs : (with the consent of the Investor)

Chilli Mili is a constantly developing franchise brand. The network serves breaded chicken sandwiches, the recipe being an original creation of the author. The menu also includes wraps, tortillas, and salads. During our collaboration, we designed and introduced changes to the interior and created a new logotype, which became the basis for the remaining elements of the visual identity.

Chilli Mili restaurants are mostly relatively tiny places located in smaller cities.
On the 60m2 surface of the eating room, there is a bar – the heart of the place – and there are seats for the guests. The bar, also serving as the counter, is made of trapezoidal sheet painted orange, one of the colours of the brand. Comfortable loges with bottle green upholstery encourage to enjoy long meetings with friends.

Decorative elements are universal. They consist of modules, thanks to which new places can be fast and easily adapted; all restaurants can be consistent regardless of where they are situated.
New places are to be opened in Poland and abroad soon.

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