Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre Club is a place that immerses you in the Cuban scenery, providing not only a unique atmosphere but also an unparalleled style and authentic experiences. The design of the venue was developed in close collaboration with the investors, who are native Cubans that have chosen Poznań as their new home. The club and cocktail bar are tucked away in the courtyard of a building located at 21 Wrocławska Street.

As part of our collaboration, we prepared a design for the entrance, featuring a long hallway that serves as the venue’s showcase. Its walls are adorned with intense exotic colors, while the floor is covered with patterned tiles that are characteristic of Latin American culture. Ceiling fans, essential in Cuban interiors, are installed to provide ventilation.

The central and dominant element of the interior is the bar, with its lower part finished with rattan panels and the upper part made from old window shutters. On the backbar wall, we placed black iridescent tiles along with the venue’s logo illuminated by glowing bulbs.

The overall ambiance is complemented by subtly diffused lighting, adjustable in terms of color and temperature to enhance the atmosphere inside.

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