Address: Warsaw

Foundation date: 2021

Surface: 200m2

Scope of the work:
- conceptual and execution phase
- custom made elements design
( furniture, wall decoration, bar)
- selection of cladding and ready-made elements

Photographs : wizualizacje 370

The club that we had the pleasure to design was located in an old tenement building in the party center of the city. It had been serving Warsaw hedonists for several years. During that time, its interior design had not been changed or modified, which is why the investors decided to undergo a radical transformation.

As is often the case in such situations, the previous design documentation was lost. Therefore, all inventory measurements had to be done from scratch. Then a decision had to be made regarding which elements of the previous decor were suitable for preservation and which ones should be discarded. Some of the furniture was to remain but receive new upholstery.

As a result of the design efforts, an elegant, luxurious, and exclusive space was created. The entrance was arranged to resemble the interior of a cinema foyer. Its central element was the logo placed on a black totem. The ceiling was made of undulating material, giving the impression of water ripples touched by the wind. Vertical bars were placed on the sides at a short distance, along which light was emitted.

The most important and dominant feature of the main hall is the impressive bar, with its central element reaching all the way to the ceiling. It consists of narrow copper tubes in which small LEDs are installed. The dominant colors are black and gold. Their shine is enhanced by sconces and spot lighting. This restricted color palette is reinforced by golden wallpapers with plant motifs, as well as accessories such as lamps and curtains.

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